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24/7 transfers

from KYIV & airports

Boryspil,  Zhuliany

About us

Passenger service is carried out by minibuses and buses of the class of famous world brands Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Vito, Neoplan, Renault. Passenger transportation in Ukraine is the main activity of our company.

Today, BUS24 carries out bus services with the coverage of Kyiv, Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk region and POLAND. We strive not only to connect regional centers with the capital of Ukraine and airports Boryspil, Zhulyany, but also actively work towards the development of interregional and international communications. Also our buses depart everyday^ every hour 24/7 from Kyiv and airports Boryspil, Zhuliany and go to Cherkasy, Smila,Kropyvnyt  Bus24 is comfortably!

At the time of a long trip the bus becomes for a passenger a kind of hotel on wheels. Therefore, the requirements of comfort are first of all presented to the vehicle.

For passengers everything is for a comfortable trip: buses are equipped with TVs, DVD players, a climate control system, comfortable armchairs and so on.

Bus24 is safe!

The safety of work with «Bus24» is manifested, first of all:

- in licensing activities: the passenger understands that he is dealing not with a driver but with a high

-quality carrier, whose activities are controlled by state authorities;

- in updating fleet with new technically perfect buses.

- in recruitment of highly qualified personnel: highly skilled drivers with a work experience of 15 years are employed on all flights of the company;

- in obligatory insurance of passengers, their cargoes, the vehicles themselves.

from KYIV to
-Cherkasy UAH 250
-Smila UAH 250
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 300
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 350
  to Poland everyday at 07:00 a.m
-Warsaw UAH 700
-Lublin UAH 700
-Lodz UAH 900
-Poznan UAH 1000
-Bydgoszcz UAH 1200
-Szczecin UAH 1300
from airport
-Cherkasy UAH 300
-Smila UAH 330
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 360
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 400
from airport
"KYIV" (Zhuliany) to
-Cherkasy UAH 300
-Smila UAH 330
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 360
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 400
-Kyiv UAH 300
-"Boryspil" airport UAH 360
-"Zhuliany" airport UAH 360
-Cherkasy UAH 170
-Smila UAH 160
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 170
  to POLAND everyday at 1:30 a.m
-Warsaw UAH 1050
-Lublin UAH 1150
-Poznan UAH 1250
-Bydgoszcz UAH 1500
-Szczecin  UAH 1550
from KRYVYI RIH to
-Kyiv UAH 350
-"Boryspil" airport UAH 400
-"Zhuliany"airport UAH 400
-Cherkasy UAH 250
-Smila UAH 250
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 170
  to POLAND everyday at 11:30 p.m
-Warsaw UAH 1100
-Lublin UAH 1200
-Poznan UAH 1300
-Bydgoszcz UAH 1600
-Szczecin  UAH 1600
from CHERKASY to
-Кyiv UAH 250
-"Boryspil" airport UAH 300
-"Zhuliany" airport UAH 300
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 170
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 250
    to POLAND everyday at 3:30 a.m
-Warsaw UAH 950
-Lublin UAH 1100
-Poznan UAH 1200
-Bydgoszcz UAH 1450
-Szczecin  UAH 1500
from SMILA to
-Кyiv 250 грн
-"Boryspil" airport UAH 330
-"Zhuliany" airport UAH 330
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 160
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 250
    to POLAND everyday at 3:00 a.m
-Warsaw UAH 960
-Lublin UAH 1100
-Poznan UAH 1200
-Bydgoszcz UAH 1560
-Szczecin  UAH 1500
at 02:30 p.m
-Kyiv UAH 1200
-Cherkasy UAH 1450
-Smila UAH 1450
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 1550
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 1600
from SZCZECIN to
at 07 a.m
at 05 p.m & 11p.m
from WARSAW to
-Кyiv UAH 700
-Cherkasy UAH 950
-Smila UAH 950
-Kropyvnytskyi UAH 1000
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 1100
-Kyiv UAH 1200
-Cherkasy UAH 1450
-Smila UAH 1450
-Kropyvnetskyi UAH 1500
-Kryvyi Rih UAH 1600


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